Regional General Hospital Williston


CT Scan

A 64-slice CT scanner is computed tomography (CT) scanning. This scan uses X-rays to obtain image data from different angles around the body and then those images are processed by a computer. The images are three-dimensional and provide good resolution. The CT is an excellent technique to make a diagnosis of disorders in many different parts of the body, however, because the heart is constantly beating, CT scan could never be used to image it in the past. Today, the 64-slice CT scanner can perform the same task in just a few seconds and the images are much better.

A CT or CAT[computed tomography] scan combines X-ray and computer technology to show highly detailed, 3-D images of any part of the body, including bones, fat, organs and blood vessels. Scans can also be performed using a contrast solution [either swallowed or injected] to make tissue and vessels more visible.

Here at Regional General Hospital we have a 64 slice GE Light Speed VCT scanner. We perform routine exams such as Ct's of the head,Abdomen, Extremities, Spines, and Chest.